A bad website redesign can be costly, and difficult to manage. In order to make the redesign process easier for you, conduct UX research first. Take note that web design trends are constantly changing. Even the fresh layout you have now can begin to feel stale in just a few years.


What is UX research data?

Look for a reputable web design agency that can study user behavior. Having reliable user data can reveal many insights about your own online presence. In addition, you should use analytics tools such as Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

UX research approaches allow us to observe the usual user interactions. Some specific tests even allow companies to directly inquire for advice on hard-to-accomplish tasks. It includes all helpful tactics, from mouse tracking and heatmapping to user testing.


How can you get user data from your own website?

Are you planning to hire a UX agency or UX consultant? Whatever your plans are, you should know that there are plenty of tools available for use. But, before you select a specific method or tool, you should first identify your goals.

Do you want to improve your conversion rate? Conduct a user test with online panels. Let your target participants in a particular demographic complete designated tasks. If you want to gather aggregate data about user interaction in your own website, heatmapping is a more appropriate option.