You could be wondering why no one is coming to your website but little did you know that you have been using that ugly design with ugly typography since 2010. Here are the web design trends that you need to steer away from in 2018.

  1. Pop-Ups. Pop-ups can be annoying especially if it is on a full page. As a web designer, please consider the experience of the visitors and put yourself in their shoes because it is annoying and it can affect the visitors from using or buying products and services from your website. For the visitors, install the pop-ups blocker or adblocker to your web browser and you will be free from seeing pop-ups.
  2. The Ugly Design. The ugly design or brutalism is taking over the Internet and it makes us crying because it is so ugly and has no visuals. Avoid using this design because you need to set your website apart from others. It looks like someone unprofessional design the website using the VaporCam app and only using heavy graphics and logos.
  3. Typography. Boring typography and lack of contrast is a combination that every web designer should avoid. Over the past decades, font trends are evolving from the default available Comic Sans (which is unprofessional and will get zero impression from the visitors) to Sawarabi Mincho (which is customised and suitable for branding), so you should know which font type is in trend utilise it really well for your website.
  4. Video Backgrounds. First of all, video as a background?? Who hurt you? It affects the website load time and if the page loading takes more than three seconds, the visitors will probably abandon the website. It is okay if you use video to tell stories of your company and what services you offer, but don’t put the video as a background of your website. It will also slow down the website.
  5. Parallax Scrolling. Parallax scrolling is when the content on the background of the website move slower than the foreground, which will create a 3D illusion as you scroll. It is one of the coolest trends but this will also slow down the website.