Today’s internet offers many ways for us to find extra cash, one of the ways is starting an online business or e-commerce. E-commerce is an act of buying and selling merchandise or services over the internet. It is becoming a thing now because it receives many demands for online purchasing which makes business owners swift from physical stores to e-store. Customers also enjoys purchasing products and services from the comfort of their home without having the hassle to go out and find a parking.

Setting up an online business might be simple as ABC, but what about running the business online? Don’t worry about that as we have boiled down 5 tips for online business owners to run their business smoothly.

1.Responsive page
The very basic consideration that an online business owners should have is to create a responsive web page. Responsive web page with excellent features and designs will help you to nurture your relationship with your customers. Oh, before that, be sure to check that your web page can be accessed smoothly both via computers and smart phones without too much hassle.

2.Provide meticulous contents
Do not forget to create high-quality content for your products and includes high-resolutions picture of the products, the details and also the reviews from previous customer. The reviews from previous customers actually helps new customer to make a final decision of the item they are going to buy before they proceed to check out. Also, it is best for you to create few sections such as “Coming Soon!” and “Best selling” to help customer’s attention is promptly drawn to the products or services.

3.Excellence guest checkouts
Excellence guest checkouts helps customers to shopping on your web page efficiently. Rather than having customers to sign up their details before they proceed with their orders, try to enable guest mode checkouts, trust me, customers will love this because it is easy for them to complete their orders!

4.Provide top notch customer service
Other than the products or services, the customer services that you have provided is also one of the factors customers keep coming back for you. So how do you provide a magnificent customer service? Make sure to display your office phone numbers or e-mail prominently or even better, set up a section for customer’s feed backs on your web page! Customers can ask questions or leave feed backs whenever they want to and you should respond to their inquiries or complaints as quick as you can to solve the matter.

5.Show your appreciation
Showing your appreciation towards your customers might be one of the best ways to nurture the relationship between two parties. One of the ways to show your appreciation is to give discounts to regular customer, be it 10% or 15%, or any amount that you like it. Trust me, they will be more than happy to return to your web page to shop if you offers them great discounts!