The beauty of corporate event companies is that they’re almost always about fun and being light- hearted. You just enjoy your time mingling with other corporate employees and associates and you can even learn a lot from them as well.

That being said, although there are many advantages to hosting a corporate event, it is a bit more difficult to pull off than a smaller, more personal occasion.

Therefore, you have to make sure that you have a team ready to help you in any way to pull something of this magnitude off. Here are some essential steps to planning large corporate events:

1. What is Your Budget?

Although this may seem like common sense, you need to make sure that you set a budget first before making any plans. You see, planning for large corporate events can be really expensive as it is and if you do not have a budget, you can easily spend a lot more than you should.

Have a chat with your finance team and ask them how much money you can spend on the said event. Once that they’ve given you a certain amount, ask them if they could increase it a little bit just to help cover unexpected expenses.

After that is done, you now have the money to make the necessary preparations.

2. Find a Catering Service

If you think that you can host an event without food, then you’re gravely mistaken. Food is one of the most important parts of any event as people are expecting to get fed when they go on such occasions.

Depending on how long the event is going to be, you can opt for a full-sized meal complete with a dessert or you can even just go with some snacks instead. If your budget allows it, you can go all out and include both a full-sized meal and a snack afterward.

Before you go all out, though, you have to make sure that the amount of food that you order should be adequate for your guests because if you do not do this, you could end up having a lot of extra that would just go to waste anyway.

3. Activities

In most corporate events, there is going to be a speaker (or a group of people that will speak in front of the crowd). If the speaker is not too keen on making jokes or being light-hearted sometimes, you have to insert an intermission number to help break the ice so to speak.

Also, you could have some form of entertainment as well. You could hire a DJ, you could get some bands to perform, and you can even invite some local celebrities that will do some performance on stage.

Where I am getting at is that you can be a bit serious with corporate events by having a speaker come in and talk to the crowd, but you also have to mix it up a little bit and add something that will make the event more enjoyable as well.

4. Take Care of Transportation

Since you’re going to invite most if, not all, of your corporate employees and associates anyway, why not take the extra step and offer a ride for them?

You could hire some transportation services by using Uber or Lyft instead of having your attendees use another form of public transport. Although it can add up to the costs, they will appreciate the extra effort.

And who knows, people might get you as their event planner for the
occasions to come in the future!